Project Calculator

Our  online calculator and order form solves the problem of transferring that critical countertop information from the project to the fabricator.  On average, you will secure 1 in every 7 projects bid.  The time and gas alone to get that single job is far more than what would be spent on your ATS personalized website.

Not only does ArtStone solve the problem of getting that critical countertop information, your website and order form bids for you 24-7, 365 days a year, without you even lifting a finger.

Your clients, with a direct link to our online calculator, receive all the information necessary regarding tile and component quantities for an immediate quote reflecting your pricing.  They simply enter the quantities in your custom Order Form  and the computer does the rest.

If assistance is needed in determining quantities, they may view our project layout video guiding them step-by-step through various layouts.

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